Sunday, October 7, 2007

Participatory Culture

Although we are a little late for developing a proposal for this competition it will be interesting to see what ideas are proposed. It's too bad we didn't see it sooner, sure could have used the money...and they could have used our ideas!
According to the article, teaching new media literacy skills so students are competent in using affinity spaces presents the three core problems: participation gap, transparency problem, ethics challenge. I may have it wrong but these seem to be the same problems educators currently face and have faced throughout the history of the public school system. I think the challenge is to rethink these issues, contemplate about what strategies have previously worked with regard to participation, ethics, and transparencies, and then discuss a plan that we can get buy in to - with the obvious rewards and incentives - and get the plan to the right people who can help the innovative thinkers create policies that enable educators to set the plans in motion before the next phase of technology rains on our parade. Perhaps that may already be the case?

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